• Zimmerman Advertising

    Internship Program

School's Out

Class is about to begin.

This isn’t your ordinary internship. This is a test. We hope you’re prepared. Welcome to the future of advertising. A fast-paced, intense lifestyle where creativity runs high and the deadlines are tight. Welcome to Zimmerman 3.0.

As a Zimmerman intern, you’ll get a taste of the passion behind a top leading retail advertising agency in the country. You’ll work with world-class clients on high profile projects. You’ll get the chance to collaborate with one of the greatest teams in the industry. Consider this your entrance exam to the real world of advertising.

Our innovative new space is about to become your new home for the next 12 weeks while you eat, sleep and breathe ZNA 24/7…seriously.

Come ready to learn. We’ve got a lot to teach to you.

The Big Z-huna

A real-world team project sets you and the INFUZION program even further apart. Teams of five interns will work together, competing for a $5K grand prize. Your team’s final presentation includes all the disciplines learned in the program, is judged by a systematic scorecard and is decided by tallies received. Judges include a Zimmerman mega-client (it’s their real-world project) and top Zimmerman executives. Let the competition begin!

We realize our pace can be overwhelming. Fear not; our mentors will help guide you through the program challenges as well as your career path.

Interns will receive 1-2 hour formal presentations from top Zimmerman executives.

Executive Presentations

Day One OrientationFounder & Chairman

Zimmerman Credentials & Agency PresentationsChief Marketing Officer

Client ServicesChief Client Officer

Media ServicesEVP of Media

Sports & Entertainment PromotionsManaging Director

Creative ServicesChief Creative Officer

Digital ServicesChief Digital Officer

Retail TechnologiesEVP of Retail Technologies

Legal & Copywriting LawsBusiness Affairs Manager

Traffic ServicesEVP of Traffic


All interns, with the exception of HR, IT, zSports, and zStudio interns, are grouped into teams that rotate throughout each department to help get a better understanding of what agency life is like. Think of your teammates as your second family here. They’ll be your support, your cheerleaders and your inspiration while you work together. It takes teamwork for any agency to thrive and it will take teamwork for you to succeed in this program.

Fundraisers & Outside Events

  • Interns host a fundraiser for a Zimmerman charity (car wash, bake sale, etc.).
  • We provide group lunches and host evening events for interns to bond and have fun.

NYC Trip

The Big Apple is the Mecca of advertising and we’re giving you a chance to be part of it. All interns are invited to an Omnicom-hosted two-day summit which takes place halfway through the program. This is your opportunity to meet some of the industry’s top professionals and get up close and personal with agency leaders.


Mike Anderson, VP of Human Resources

e: mikeanderson@zadv.com

w: 954-644-4143